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#CRYING ABOUT JENSEN’S SHYNESS #Because he was talking so fast and his voice was breaking #and then Jared swoops right in #and LOOK at that huge breath Jensen let out #He was holding his breath the whole time?! #You are too precious Jensen #and Jared too he knew just when to come in a save him #oh god he probably gave him a pep talk right before and everything

One of the reasons I adore Jared.

He was like that with Misha, too, when he was talking about being bullied at a con and suddenly got emotional. Jared just went over and hugged him. It was a beautiful thing to see, probably my favorite con moment.

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(x) Supernatural musical.

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Wolfpup2000’s bonus J2 pic from LA Con 2013.

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We joke about the fact that we spend more time with each other than our girlfriends. [laughs] But it’s good when you have the relationship he and I have.

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